Doug Thompson, BA'01

Communication Studies | from Richmond, VA

Director, Talent Acquisition for Bridgestone supporting our Manufacturing and Research & Development space. Simply put, we hire technical talent for the organization

What brings you to Nashville? We moved to Nashville in October 2017 from Memphis where I worked for NIKE leading our North American Distribution recruiting team. I am the Director, Talent Acquisition for Bridgestone. We love it here!

How did you get into your line of work? Well, I knew I wanted to be a professional recruiter from an early age. Just kidding! A friend of mine at VT who graduated a semester prior shared with me that he had landed a position with a IT Staffing Firm (TekSystems) and that he thought it would be something I might like. That lead me to an interview with Apex Systems (one of TekSystems' biggest competitors). The rest is history...

Favorite Nashville Season? Fall!

Family Pic - Doug Thompson(1).jpg

What are some of your favorite family-friendly activities around town? Pred and Sounds games, TopGolf, Nashville Zoo, Discovery Center. Anywhere where there is music playing!

For those new to town…Broadway is fun, but the best spots are in the other city neighborhoods (12 South, The Gulch, East Nashville). Spend more time exploring the city than just the HonkyTonk Bars.  

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